Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Jason and I went to Vegas at the end of January. At first, we thought we were going to be snowed in Arkansas, but thankfully we got to fly out! We stayed at the Excalibur. It looked like a castle...fit for a princess!
The first night we were there I hit $600 on a penny machine! That got me all fired up! I just knew I was going to come back to Arkansas with millions...

We got to walk all around Vegas...which I should have listened to Jason. He said "you probably don't want to wear heels." My stubborn ways and I decided I could do it. Then about 5 hours later I thought my feet were going to fall off....
I think we hit almost every casino on the strip. Each one of them had something different to see. The Bellagio of course had the fountains. Cesar's had a show that statues come to life. Treasure Island had a ship that came to life...we missed that one though...too busy gambling I guess. One casino has a swimming area that has a shark tank in the middle! AND you can slide down the middle of all the sharks!
We got bus tickets and went to the old part of town. We both love it down there. There is a huge screen above your head down the whole street! There are performers on the street too. The coolest thing was spray can paintings. This guy could paint anything with cans of spray paint! Another reason Jason likes the old part of town is because there are still slots that spit out quarters at you! I don't like those because I don't know how much money I have and I just keep sticking my quarters in the machines until I am out....

Jason LOVED the Star Wars slots, and I loved the Sex in the City slots. We both played those a lot!
We even got to take our picture with a million bucks! Only got to take the picture home though...
Another fun thing we got to do was go to the Pawn Stars store! It was so cool! We didn't see the guys on the show though, they were hiding!

So we didn't come home with millions, but we got to see some amazing things, eat great food, and made great memories!


It sure was a busy weekend! Hunter wrote Santa a letter and ask him if he could come to the house on Christmas Eve. So Santa and his reindeer came early! He got crumbs all oer the living room! And the reindeer ate their carrots!
Hunter came in our room and woke us up so we could see what presents he got from Santa. He got a bike, Star Wars toys, books, cars, puzzles, so much stuff!! We got to play with all the toys for a while, then we were off to Central Arkansas! We went to visit my dad in Lonoke. It's always fun to hang out with hime because you never know what he is going to say/do. After that, we went to visit Katie and Theresa in Cabot. There was impressed with Jason because he fixed her fireplace for her! He is so handy! After we visited with them a while, we went to moms new house. Boy! We were exhausted! Christmas morning Brother, Kelli, and the kids came over to open presents. There were tons of presents, as always!After we all opened presents, we had Christmas lunch. I didn't eat too many cinniman rolls for breakfas because I knew Christmas lunch would be huge! And it was! Mom made her first turkey and dressing. She also made Grandmother's cononut pie. It was so yummy!

After lunch we went back to Springdale. We had Christmas dinner with Sue. Then we opened more presents! Boy! We are spoiled!

We got back to the house, and then we had all of our presents to open! It was a wonderful Christmas! This was our first Christmas together and I think it was the best Christmas ever!


I have SO much blogging to catch up on...here goes...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trans Siberian Orchestra

I finally got to see Trans Siberian Orchestra at Christmas! I have been wanting to see them for a while now! Jason and I had floor seats and they were awesome!! There were so many lights and lazors! Oh, and fire! It was so much fun!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

I think I'm getting everyone in the Christmas spirit! I was singing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas...only a hippopotamus will do!" all weekend. I caught both Hunter and Jason singing the song too!

Friday night I met Jason and Hunter in Fayetteville at Barnes and Noble. They were reading The Polar Express and having cookies and hot chocolate!

This weekend we went to the Botanical Gardens. Santa was there!! Hunter got to talk to Santa and ride a train. They had a huge Christmas train display that was really cool. We also got to walk around the Gardens. I can't wait to go back there in the spring! It will be so beautiful with all the flowers blooming.

We also went to the square in Fayetteville to look at the Christmas lights! Whoa! There were tons! It was FREEZING that night so we weren't there very long. Hunter did get to ride a camel though. AND we saw Santa's reindeer!! I hope they get enough food in their bellies because I'm ready for them to get to our house on Christmas Eve!!

Thanksgiving Break

I love working at a school! It means I get breaks for summer, Christmas, spring, and this week...Thanksgiving! I got to spend ALL week with my boys! We took on a huge project this week....taking the wallpaper off the walls in the kitchen and painting the walls. We didn't really think that project through since we were having Thanksgiving dinner at the house!! So, we were busy little workers! It took us 2 days to take the wallpaper off and 2 days painting. BUT, we worked so hard and got it finished just in time for Thanksgiving dinner! It looks so fabulous!!

We had a delicious dinner! Our Thanksgiving dinner menu: Turkey, ham, beans, stuffing, mashed potatoes, macaroni, sweet potatoes, salad, and rolls. Yumm!!

We also starting putting up Christmas decorations! It looks like the North Pole in the house! 7 trees are beautifully decorated at the house! We also decorated the outside of the house and it looks great!! I can't wait to spend Christmas with these boys!!

The "Family Tree" we put all of our decorations from childhood and meaningful decorations on it. It was my grandmothers tree that she had in her house.

Tree in the Living Room...well one of them!


I have a lot of blogging to catch up on...

We went to Branson for the weekend! We stayed at the Indoor Water Park/hotel. It was so much fun! At the water park, there is a HUGE bucket of water that dumps on everyone about every 5 minutes! It is so funny to watch everyone run to try to get water dumped on them...when they are playing in the water the whole time! It was also fun because there were lots of opportunities to dump/spray water all over kids!

We also went to the Christmas Dixie Stampede! We had great seats! Front row! It was the North Pole vs the South Pole...we were the North Pole and we lost!! We had so much fun though! We also got to see the horses that were in the show before it started.